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Operation Oprah – An ambitious soul on a mission

A good friend of mine, and former Discovery intern, has embarked on a new project to land her dream job. It may seem crazy, but sane never reeaallyyy got anyone anywhere, right?

Kelsey Howell is one of Oprah’s biggest fans. She would argue that I am not being truthful in that statement. She would correct me by stating, “No, Jessie. Get it right. I am Oprah’s biggest fan.”

She is writing Oprah one piece of fan mail every day for 30 days. In each letter, she is explaining why she would be the perfect employee on Oprah’s team. Which, might I add, she definitely is the most perfect candidate for Oprah’s entourage.

In three words, I would describe Kelsey as creative, hardworking, and charismatic.


By a show of hands, or, comments, how many of you have ever come up with the idea to write to Oprah every day for 30 days in hopes of getting a job in the next year? Well, if you say you have, you’re lying! Kelsey has an amazing ability to come up with creative ways to get noticed. She knows what she wants, she has a goal, and she is thinking outside the box to get a step ahead in her career. When I asked Kelsey what she would want to do for Oprah, she jokingly said, (I hope), “I will be her dog’s chew toy if she wants.” Not only is that creative, that’s some severe dedication and loyalty if you ask me.


Kelsey has never stopped working. She has worked all throughout college and high school because she has her priorities in line. Many of her jobs have been less than ideal, but she kept a smile on her face the entire length of employment because she knows the importance of professionalism and keeping her chin up. Whether they be part time positions of full time internships, she is constantly on the move to gain experience, contacts, and, well, money.


I am going to let these photographs speak for themselves to describe Kelsey’s charisma. If I were Oprah, I would hire her. Not to be my dog’s chew toy, but I’d AT LEAST start her out full time as my assistant’s assistant’s assistant’s assistant.  Hey, you have to start somewhere…and in this scenario, I’m Oprah – so I get four assistants.

Cute, educated, and great shoes

Check out that firm handshake and smile! Kelsey is shaking the hand of Jackie Hernandez, CEO of Telemundo Communications at an awards gala in NYC.

Kelsey was one of the Shark Week mascots last summer. Intern duties sometimes require things such as this. But, she’s smiling…see?

See those cords? That screams “I’m SMART!”

At the end of the 30 days, I hope that Kelsey has adequately marketed herself to get a response from Oprah’s assistant’s assistant’s assistant. After all, she is Kelsey friggin Howell.