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Witnessed! DC Random Act of Kindness

Today, as I was walking toward my favorite Washington, D.C. coffee shop on Pennsylvania Avenue, I witnessed a homeless woman chasing after someone down the sidewalk. She was shouting, “Ma’am! Ma’am!” When the woman turned around after realizing someone was trying to reach her, she had that look on her face that any innocent bystander would take as “who the eff is yelling at me right now?”

When the homeless woman caught up to her, out of breath and sweating (it’s DC…everyone is sweating), she handed the woman a 20-dollar bill. “You dropped this back there,” the homeless woman told her. The woman smiled, thanked her for being so honest, and they went on their separate ways.

I can’t speak for the others on the street who witnessed this random act of kindness, but good deeds such as this one give hope to humanity!