Poseidon Discovery MkVI Recreational Rebreather tour

Here are our finalized tour destinations for the East part of the country! This Google Map makes it a little bit more visually appealing than a bunch of cities and dates written on a sheet of paper 🙂

I can’t wait to be on the road demoing the Poseidon Discovery MkVI recreational rebreather!

Fantasy Lake, Raleigh, NC 12-May 16-May
Rawlings Lake, Petersburg, VA 19-May 23-May
Dutch Springs, Bethlehem, PA 26-May 30-May
Lake Winnipesaukee, NH 2-Jun 6-Jun
Whitestar Quarry, Gibsonburg, OH 19-Jun 13-Jun
Gilboa Quarry, Findlay, OH 16-Jun 20-Jun
Crosby, MN 23-Jun 27-Jun
Lake Wazee, Black River Hills, WI 30-Jun 4-Jul
Haigh Quarry, Kankakee, IL 7-Jul 11-Jul
Clear Springs, Terrell, TX 14-Jul 18-Jul


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Life lesson from the sauna

When I was sitting in the sauna yesterday, sweating profusely, I met a woman from Gambia, Africa. I told her I wanted to go to Africa some day and she asked me what I wanted to do there. I explained that I had a goal to step foot on all seven continents before I die (yes…even Antarctica).

Unexpectedly, she protested my idea of setting a goal like this. Not expecting to ever get into this conversation with a woman I met in a sauna, we began to chat.

She told me that I shouldn’t live my life like this. Confused, I asked her why it is a bad idea to have a goal such as mine. She said that too many people live for the future, and not enough live for the moment.

Still a little skeptical, I asked her how she thought people would ever get anything accomplished without setting life goals or having ambitions. She believes that the most simple things in life have the power to make someone the happiest person alive. But, the people who live only through plans and thinking of the future miss out on the present.

While I may not agree with all of her life views, I have to admit that she made me think about my life and how I live it. She is right when it comes to the idea that many people live for the future and miss out on some of the greatest moments in the present. I still believe I need to have my bucket list to help me accomplish my goals, but I also need to  keep balance between my planning and my doing.

A little deep for sauna-talk? Probably. But, then again, I tend to meet the coolest people in the strangest places.


The world’s dumbest pedestrian

I was driving along the road this morning, admittedly speeding at a whopping 37 in a 35 mph zone. I turn on my right blinker to turn onto my next road as three middle-aged, clearly single, men crossed the road. The wormiest of the three men decide that I am going too fast for his liking, so he decides to stop in the middle of the road to motion for me to slow down.

I should have hit him and paid my debt to society, but since I was turning anyways, I decided to save myself the trouble and criminal record. However, I cannot help but wonder, what kind of human in his or her sane state of mind would intentionally stop in front of a seemingly speeding car to tell them that they may be driving at a dangerous speed? If I were in fact driving at a dangerous speed, would a sane person stop in the middle of the street, in front of my speeding car, to tell me to slow down? I don’t see it as plausible.

I gave him a funny face, as all immature college graduates would do, and continued on my merry way. After all, 8 am is far too early to make a fuss about something so silly.

For the rest of the day, I went over so many scenarios in my head that would have made my day so much better, and I am almost certain that would have made his day worse. But, me being such a sweet girl, I kept them in my head and did not act upon them. Okay, maybe it wasn’t because I was being my usual sweet self; it’s possible that it was because I didn’t think quickly enough to come up with such smarty-pants-jessie-isms at the time of the scene.

Here’s what I would have liked to have done:

Step 1: Pull my speeding car over.

Step 2: Step out of said car. Approach middle aged crazy skinny man and his friends.

Step 3: Assume conversation…

Me: Excuse me, sir? Do you believe I was going too fast for this street?

Psycho: Yes, you were driving at a ridiculous speed! You could have hit us!

Me: Yes. How fast do you believe I was going, sir? If you don’t mind me asking…

Psycho: You were going 45 to 50 at least! You should really slow down, young lady!

Me: I see. Okay, well let’s pretend for a second that I was in fact driving 45 to 50 mph, as you say. I have to wonder, then, why would you step in front of my car to tell me to slow down? Why not keep walking as you tell me to slow down? Do you not think that would have been a safer decision?

Psycho: Well I needed to get your attention. You shouldn’t be driving so quickly and I wasn’t going to let you continue going that fast! Ohhh no, not in my town!

Me: Ohh, okay, thanks for clearing that up for me. One more question, though. Now that you’ve said it out loud…you know, the fact that you intentionally tried to stop a 50 mph moving vehicle in the middle of the street with your body, do you think it sounds as logical as when you actually did it?

Psycho: You’re a child! You’re a child with Daddy’s money. Grow up and slow down!

Me: So, you agree, then? Just wondering…

Step 4: Yell goodbye as they walk away from my arguments.

Step 5: Continue on my path toward Starbucks to start my day off right.

Maybe this whole scenario isn’t the most mature thing in the world, but come on…I was only going two miles over the speed limit. I know what you’re thinking. I know, I know…he was right. Speeding is speeding.

Life is Good company and why it’s awesome

I went to REI over Christmas break and found a book that intrigued me. I now call it my happy book, for this reason and this reason only: REI paid ME to buy it. How does that make sense, you wonder? Oh, I’ll tell you.

Apparently, I shop there so frequently that I had stacked up some points with my membership card. When I went up to the counter to buy my happy book, the lady asked me if I wanted to use my dividend. I had no idea what a dividend was, but I said yes anyways. She then handed me two dollars, my receipt, and my book. I didn’t have to pay for a thing! She paid me two dollars. THAT’S EIGHT QUARTERS!!! (Laundry money). I had 22 dollars worth of dividend on my account, the book was 20 dollars, therefore I got paid to buy my book. Epic.

Now, about this happy book. The free-ness of this book is not actually the only reason I call it my happy book. I call it my happy book because it makes me happy. It’s the Life is Good: simple words from Jake and Rocket book.

Everything about this company puts a smile on my face. The story of how it was founded, the cute little outgoing cartoon characters (although seemingly schizophrenic with all of the hobbies displayed on their apparel), and the overall messages conveyed with such simple phrases.

Jake is awesome. He hikes, skates, fishes, bikes, climbs, jogs, camps, drinks coffee, uses tools, cooks, reads, skis, surfs, kayaks…you get the picture. A lot of stuff. And all with his trusty companion, Rocket. This cartoon character has the life I want. If you have never seen or heard of this company, you should check out their website. It just screams, “Visit me, I’ll make your day better.”

And, from the man Jake himself, I leave you with these simple words of wisdom:

Optimism can take you anywhere.

My search for the perfect gym begins

I decided that since I am going to be in this town until I find a job that I should probably find a gym worth attending. I registered for a free two week pass to 24 Hour Fitness online, and 43 minutes later, I received a call from one of their sales representatives.

"Here at Globo Gym, we understand that "Ugliness" and "Fatness" are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it." - White Goodman, Globo Gym owner (Dodgeball)

First of all, I thought it was weird that they even called me. It’s a gym. Why? Second of all, his questions caught me off guard. Made it really difficult to come up with a story on the spot. Let’s call my salesman Chris.


Me: Hello?

Chris: Hello, is this Jayce?

Me: No.

Chris: I’m sorry, is this Jessie?

Me: Yes.

Chris: This is Chris from 24, I see that you’ve registered with us for a free two weeks. When would you like to come in for a tour of our club?

Me: Wow. I literally just signed up for this. Like 40 minutes ago. You’re quite speedy.

Chris: Oh, yes. I have your papers right in front of me. Tell me, what are your fitness goals?

Me: My fitness goals? Ummm, well I am training to be in weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, so I’ll need to be using a lot of heavy weights for sure.

Chris: Okay. So, you sound like you know what you’re doing already. When can you come in?

Me: Oh, yeah, of course. I body build all the time. I’ll be doing a lot of two-a-days for these next two weeks, so I’ll be in tomorrow morning around 9 am.

Chris: Oh, okay. Well, I will see you tomorrow morning then, and I’ll give you a tour of our club. And make sure you ask for Chris.

Me: Okay, Chris. Can’t wait to see your club. Bye!

I decided I will not be attending the apparent Globogym. I just want to use some free weights, possibly attend a yoga class or two, and jog. I do not want to be given a tour by a meathead who actually believes that I am going to be doing two-a-days at 24 Hour Fitness on a free two week pass to train for weightlifting competitions.

The Tucson shooting and questionable media credibility

Some of the biggest names in news have prematurely declared Rep. Giffords dead from the recent Arizona shooting rampage. At the moment, she is in critical condition, which naturally means she is alive.

Reliable Sources on CNN just did a mash-up of all the news coverage about her “death,” and were discussing how to prevent such poor reporting from happening. One journalist explained that in today’s world of new media and technology it is nearly impossible to wait for different and more important, sources, especially when your competitors are declaring something so breaking about a figure as  prominent as a US representative on national television.

For major news sources of our country, we depend more on television and the internet more than our local newspapers as our first immediate source of news and as something we wish we could trust completely. However, this colossal media mishap is a shot to ALL media credibility and should be looked at as a reminder to always question what we are told.

Just because major cable news sources such as CNN, FOX, Breaking News, and MSNBC report something to be true, it is important to remember that they have sources who have sources who have sources who could all get confused in the ever-so-popular game of telephone. As consumers of the media, we need to trust, but not fall toward naiveté with what we take in as fact, and what we should be weary about. We need to always question what we are told, formulate our own opinions, and wait for cold hard facts.

To the credit of CNN, doing this mash-up shows that the media industry is recognizing how harmful these mistakes can be to its credibility and how important it is to wait the extra 20 minutes until the facts are declared by the correct source.

“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes,” – Winston Churchill

The day I broke my driver’s heart…LA confusion

When I was finished with my interview in Los Angeles, I was escorted out of the hotel by some employees of the company as a courtesy. As impeccable timing would have it, Mike Tyson was exiting his vehicle at the same moment that I was walking toward my driver’s car. Tyson had a swarm of people around him, and I got caught up in the crowd and hustle of all the excitement.

My driver came up to me after I broke free from the crowd, eagerly shook my hand, and proceeded to help me into the car to take me to the airport. I had some extra time before my flight, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking me the scenic route, since I was only in the city for half a day and wanted to see some touristy stuff. He was more the happy to oblige, and he began to drive me through Hollywood, Beverley Hills, and all the other lavishly overpriced and extravagant areas of the Los Angeles area. He was telling me the history of each area, pointing out homes of celebrities, showing me where all the major record companies were, etc…

Me being the naive girl that I am, I assumed he was being so hospitable because he was a driver and it was his job to show customers around the area. We got to talking about the entertainment industry and he asked me what he would “have seen me in.” Rather confused, I asked him what he meant. He then proceeded to inquire about my acting career.

I told him that I was only in town for the day for an interview and I didn’t know what he was talking about. He looked even more confused than I was.

With a look on his face which slightly resembled that of a child who just found out his puppy got run over by a car, he said, “Oh, so…you’re not an actress?”

I repeated, “No…I am here for an interview.”

His smile immediately disappeared and the tour was cut somewhat short after I told him the truth about my life as a recent Texas State grad in search of a career in public relations.

I have never seen a man look so crushed in my entire life. He was being so kind, so knowledgable about the city, and so overeager to please all because he thought I was talent, thanks to Mike Tyson. He automatically assumed that I rolled with Tyson because I happened to be walking out of the hotel at the same time.

So, even if I was completely unaware of the situation…to this man, I was talent for about 30 minutes. I wish I could say I feel bad for deceiving him, but I didn’t do it intentionally!