Life lesson from the sauna

When I was sitting in the sauna yesterday, sweating profusely, I met a woman from Gambia, Africa. I told her I wanted to go to Africa some day and she asked me what I wanted to do there. I explained that I had a goal to step foot on all seven continents before I die (yes…even Antarctica).

Unexpectedly, she protested my idea of setting a goal like this. Not expecting to ever get into this conversation with a woman I met in a sauna, we began to chat.

She told me that I shouldn’t live my life like this. Confused, I asked her why it is a bad idea to have a goal such as mine. She said that too many people live for the future, and not enough live for the moment.

Still a little skeptical, I asked her how she thought people would ever get anything accomplished without setting life goals or having ambitions. She believes that the most simple things in life have the power to make someone the happiest person alive. But, the people who live only through plans and thinking of the future miss out on the present.

While I may not agree with all of her life views, I have to admit that she made me think about my life and how I live it. She is right when it comes to the idea that many people live for the future and miss out on some of the greatest moments in the present. I still believe I need to have my bucket list to help me accomplish my goals, but I also need to  keep balance between my planning and my doing.

A little deep for sauna-talk? Probably. But, then again, I tend to meet the coolest people in the strangest places.



7 responses to “Life lesson from the sauna

  1. This is awesome! Yeah, I have to admit, I catch myself worrying about the future a lot.

  2. Jessie – there’s more to it than she told you. She is right – it is very good to live in the present. It is also good to have dreams for the future. Without dreams we would become like corpses. HOWEVER, don’t think you could possibly image the things in life that will fulfill you, because that is really what you want – what we all want is to be fulfilled, at peace. The universe has the power to fulfill dreams you haven’t even dreamed yet.

    I recommend, instead of searching for your fulfillment on the seven continents, while your touring the continents, find a way to find fulfillment within your own self. That is, find out who you really are. When you discover your inner self, the world will beat a path to your door to make all your dreams come true. Your dreams may also change because you are now free from the chains of your ideas and concepts about what will make you happy. I know this is a bit deep, but you elicited it by your writing. May you always enjoy your life and find complete fulfillment in all that you do. Remember, within your own self lies all the answers to all the questions. You sound like a very interesting person. Life is grand. . ./John

  3. awesome!

    …but i’m still going to make it to all 7 continents. i’ll make sure i enjoy every second of it 🙂

  4. The sauna is a soulful place meant for deep talks…ask anybody from Finland on how many deep life truths have been pondered, revealed and memorized in the dark, damp, sweaty (naked) place that is the sauna!

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