Life is Good company and why it’s awesome

I went to REI over Christmas break and found a book that intrigued me. I now call it my happy book, for this reason and this reason only: REI paid ME to buy it. How does that make sense, you wonder? Oh, I’ll tell you.

Apparently, I shop there so frequently that I had stacked up some points with my membership card. When I went up to the counter to buy my happy book, the lady asked me if I wanted to use my dividend. I had no idea what a dividend was, but I said yes anyways. She then handed me two dollars, my receipt, and my book. I didn’t have to pay for a thing! She paid me two dollars. THAT’S EIGHT QUARTERS!!! (Laundry money). I had 22 dollars worth of dividend on my account, the book was 20 dollars, therefore I got paid to buy my book. Epic.

Now, about this happy book. The free-ness of this book is not actually the only reason I call it my happy book. I call it my happy book because it makes me happy. It’s the Life is Good: simple words from Jake and Rocket book.

Everything about this company puts a smile on my face. The story of how it was founded, the cute little outgoing cartoon characters (although seemingly schizophrenic with all of the hobbies displayed on their apparel), and the overall messages conveyed with such simple phrases.

Jake is awesome. He hikes, skates, fishes, bikes, climbs, jogs, camps, drinks coffee, uses tools, cooks, reads, skis, surfs, kayaks…you get the picture. A lot of stuff. And all with his trusty companion, Rocket. This cartoon character has the life I want. If you have never seen or heard of this company, you should check out their website. It just screams, “Visit me, I’ll make your day better.”

And, from the man Jake himself, I leave you with these simple words of wisdom:

Optimism can take you anywhere.


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