The day I broke my driver’s heart…LA confusion

When I was finished with my interview in Los Angeles, I was escorted out of the hotel by some employees of the company as a courtesy. As impeccable timing would have it, Mike Tyson was exiting his vehicle at the same moment that I was walking toward my driver’s car. Tyson had a swarm of people around him, and I got caught up in the crowd and hustle of all the excitement.

My driver came up to me after I broke free from the crowd, eagerly shook my hand, and proceeded to help me into the car to take me to the airport. I had some extra time before my flight, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking me the scenic route, since I was only in the city for half a day and wanted to see some touristy stuff. He was more the happy to oblige, and he began to drive me through Hollywood, Beverley Hills, and all the other lavishly overpriced and extravagant areas of the Los Angeles area. He was telling me the history of each area, pointing out homes of celebrities, showing me where all the major record companies were, etc…

Me being the naive girl that I am, I assumed he was being so hospitable because he was a driver and it was his job to show customers around the area. We got to talking about the entertainment industry and he asked me what he would “have seen me in.” Rather confused, I asked him what he meant. He then proceeded to inquire about my acting career.

I told him that I was only in town for the day for an interview and I didn’t know what he was talking about. He looked even more confused than I was.

With a look on his face which slightly resembled that of a child who just found out his puppy got run over by a car, he said, “Oh, so…you’re not an actress?”

I repeated, “No…I am here for an interview.”

His smile immediately disappeared and the tour was cut somewhat short after I told him the truth about my life as a recent Texas State grad in search of a career in public relations.

I have never seen a man look so crushed in my entire life. He was being so kind, so knowledgable about the city, and so overeager to please all because he thought I was talent, thanks to Mike Tyson. He automatically assumed that I rolled with Tyson because I happened to be walking out of the hotel at the same time.

So, even if I was completely unaware of the situation…to this man, I was talent for about 30 minutes. I wish I could say I feel bad for deceiving him, but I didn’t do it intentionally!



6 responses to “The day I broke my driver’s heart…LA confusion

  1. This is awesome :)Great story!

  2. Should have told him that you played a shark in an internet video

  3. that is hilarious. and so random.

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