Friends are important for making good fashion decisions

Today my friend Hailey made fun of my lack of fashion abilities by telling me that I am no longer allowed to my wear flare-cut, light-colored jeans. I told her that I will be buried in those jeans because I have had them since high school and they are my favorite.

They have holes in the pockets and are shredded on the bottoms from being dragged on the cement (I have short legs…my brother’s Navy friends used to call me stumpy. How rude!!) for almost six years, but they are my happy jeans and I love them.

However, I can understand her judgement because she is probably one of the most fashion-savvy people I know. She always looks prepared for any situation, complete with cute shoes and perfectly curled hair, while I generally prance around in old jeans, comfy tees with my hair in a ponytail.

It is good to have friends like Hailey and my Russian, because they can dress me when I need to be dressed. So, I would like to thank these two ladies for never letting me look like a hoodrat when I am supposed to look presentable.



3 responses to “Friends are important for making good fashion decisions

  1. I like the hoodrat reference. Idk if I influenced your lingo or you mine lol

  2. Always my pleasure! Love you!

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