Christmas in Chicago, 2010 edition

My aunt gave me a lot of sugary goodness today to celebrate my recent graduation, so I was quite energized. I decided that the snow on the ground was too good to ignore, and immediately began to beg my brother to help me build a snowman. He took some convincing, but eventually he complied.

Well, I have some intense undiagnosed, but existent, A.D.D. and I gave up on the snowman after about ten minutes of freezing my toes off. I decided to go downstairs to help my mom wrap Christmas gifts, and shortly after, my brother shouts, “COME LOOK AT MY SNOW ANT!”

“Really? I leave him alone for ten minutes and he turns the snowman into a snowant?!”

No. Silly me – apparently it’s not a snow ant, it’s a “snowMANt.” So here is our Christmas Snowmant for the season:

Christmas 2010 SnowMant

Then, my older brother suggested that, just for fun, they light the snowmant on fire. Adam informed him that it is not possible to light snow on fire. Aaron disagreed, and Adam came back with the not-so-unexpected rebuttal: “no, it isn’t possible. I’ve tried it. I even put motoroil on a snowman before. It won’t work.”

Happy Holidays!

Click here to see Adam’s 2009 Snow Creation


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