Random thought re: my theory on germs and the automatic soap dispenser

First of all, I would like to point out that automatic flushing toilets are completely useless without everything else being automatic in a bathroom setting as well.

For example, if the toilet flushes automatically, and your thinking, “oh, great! No germs!” and then you go to wash your hands and have to touch both the soap dispenser and the water faucet, the automatic-ness of the toilet was completely irrelevant in the prevention of germ spreading.

Furthermore, you then have to touch the soiled door handle in the bathroom to exit the “germ free environment” called the bathroom.

I cannot wrap my brain around why a company would choose to have just ONE automatic feature in a public restroom. If you do one, you have to do them all. “All” would include: bathroom door opening, bathroom stall opening, soap dispenser, water faucet, and towel dispenser. Otherwise, it is a complete waste of time and money to invest in one automated germ prevention tactic when you are most likely going to touch germs on your next stop in the bathroom anyways.

So, companies-thinking-you’re-saving-the-world-by-preventing-the-spread-of-feces-on-door-handles, if you are going to try to be cleaner and more sanitary, go big or go home. Or at least put an automatic hand-sanitzer dispenser on the outside of the bathroom door.


One response to “Random thought re: my theory on germs and the automatic soap dispenser

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