Spring cleaning in December

I spent the past six hours cleaning my room at my parent’s house. I accumulated five bags of trash, seven bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill, and learned that I have 31 pairs of shoes.

I’m a dirty mess, covered in dust, dirt, and cleaning product residue, but I feel great! My room is clean, organized and pretty!

Things I discovered about myself while cleaning out my room.

  1. I am the type of person who keeps their wisdom teeth as a souvenir. Gross.
  2. I have scarves from five countries (Afghanistan, France, Spain, Mexico, and USA).
  3. I no longer fit into my high school clothes, hence the seven bags for donation. Blast.
  4. I am entirely too obsessed with pirates. I have a flag on my wall, a poster, a calendar, a necklace charm, a shot glass, and multiple books about pirate culture. I even have one about female pirates. It may be a psychological disorder.
  5. Finally, something I have known for a while, but am realizing it more and more as I grow my collection…none of my socks match. Not a single pair.

I want to thank Pandora for helping me get through this day of epic cleaning. I could not have done it without Matt & Kim Radio and Eric Hutchinson Radio.



2 responses to “Spring cleaning in December

  1. Goodness…who was living in your room while you were gone? 😉 By the way, Sir Francis Drake is my favorite pirate.

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