Okay, okay…I graduated. Now what?!

I have the best friends and family ever! I am so lucky to have had them come out and support me…even though they would all be fighting for first in line to point and laugh if I would have tripped walking across the stage!

My amazing family! I'm so happy my parents and grandmother came to cheer me on!

My best friend and prom date came from Arlington to celebrate with me! Y'all are the best!

My homies I studied abroad with came out too! Kamieka and Sammy! They are insane.

My Russian sister! She dressed me, did my make up, and was the photographer for my graduation! My sister from another mister. For realz.

Here are some photos to sum up my college experience. In a nutshell.

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7 responses to “Okay, okay…I graduated. Now what?!

  1. aw, i love it. congrats again!!! yayyyy :] 2010!

  2. It looks amazing! Congrats girl!

  3. Congrats! You will come across an amazing job in due time.

  4. How did I miss this momentous occasion? :-‘(

    Well, this just means you need to stick around for another week after your April 25-30th work trip. My grad is 5/7/11 and I appreciate your support.

    That is all.

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