My last class day at Texas State University

My brother’s roommate, Hunter, really put things in perspective for me today.

Hunter: Grin’s at 5?

Me: Gotta go to the lib…

Hunter: Tomorrow is dead day, that’s a horrible excuse.

Me: I have a ton to do!

Hunter: Fine. I’ll find someone else to have ONE margarita with to celebrate the end of classes. Sorry for asking and wasting your time.


Hunter: EXACTLY! And you want to waste it. I’m so hurt.

Me: Let’s go out tonight to celebrate instead.

Hunter: I’ll be writing my paper tonight.

Me: Go to the library with me after class, and then we can go out!

Hunter: That is a really good idea…

As you can tell, in college I have learned to prioritize. Work hard, then play hard. Thank you, Texas State!

In celebration of my last official day of class, I am going to write my final paper, research some things for my editing class in the library, and then go out for margaritas. On a Monday. With my brother’s roommate. And my Russian.

My "I'm 21 Face" strangely resembles my "I'm graduating face"


3 responses to “My last class day at Texas State University

  1. Work hard, then play hard.

    If that’s what you’ve learned during your time at college, I would like to say that you’ve learned the most important things you ever need to know.

    And what’s that special about going for margaritas at a Monday? I thought every day was a drinking day? Or just in summertime?

    Miss you!!!

    • I played too hard! I was in bed/in the library all day exhausted! I miss you lots. Be on the lookout for something in the mail these next few weeks! From your American family!! (Benny and me…) hahaha

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