Beginner’s struggles with photography

Photography is hard – let alone the whole learning how to use the proper lighting aspect of it, but also learning the photographer’s vocabulary.

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to figure out how to shoot on manual while learning what the heck aperture, shutter speed, and ISO even mean. When I change one, something changes, then I change the other, and it changes even more, but this time, it’s worse. So, I attempt to change one back, and I mess it up even more because I accidentally changed the wrong one. I just can’t win!

I like to think of myself as someone who is not technologically challenged. But, then I remember that I still have never played with an iPhone because they scare me, I’ve never played with an iPad for the same reason, and I still use the 30GB classic IPOD from the stone age (five years ago?)…

But, anyways, here is my attempt at shooting photos at night. I promise, I’ll work to improve.

Harper’s is my favorite bar on the Square in San Marcos because it has real darts – not the plastic ones that probably SHOULD be in a bar to prevent drunken frat boys from throwing them at each other, but nonetheless, I like real darts better.

This is Aquarena Springs Drive across from Sewell Park.


One response to “Beginner’s struggles with photography

  1. I’ll say it’s pretty good when you describe how hard you think it is. Don’t give up!!! You need to be a good photographer when we go to Amsterdam so we get lots of photos of everything, haha 🙂

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