Exploring the DFW (I learned that this means Dallas-Fort Worth)

Reuniting with an old friend should be added to my list of therapeutic remedies for stress. This weekend I went to visit my friend Ashley at UTA. We have been friends since third grade, so it is safe to say she is my lifelong friend. We only get to see each other about two times per semester and we generally trade off visiting each other’s city.

Since I had never been in Dallas or Fort Worth before, she took me out Friday and Saturday to explore both cities. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Raina and me in Dallas

This is my friend JonEric that I ran into in Fort Worth. We used to work together at Fossil in San Marcos and he moved away.

Lauren and I at the Library after playing "I-Spy" with humans

Ashley, me, and Lauren at Hyena's Comedy Club in Fort Worth

All the girls in Dallas at Lemon Bar. Left to right: Audrey, Me, Lauren, Raina, Michelle. Slightly blurry - it's not your vision.

ASHLEY AND ME! My homie for life. And she has awesome shoes.


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