Therapeutic remedies to a stressful world

There are a few things in this world that I claim as the therapeutic tools for my sanity. Sometimes, after a stressful day in class and a sleep deprived night, I look forward to the little cosas I know will cheer me up.

Walking to a destination instead of driving. Alright, alright, I know that isn’t always an option in Texas heat. But, sometimes, a very select sometimes, there is that gem of a morning in which everything around the hill country looks serene and calm. The river has a slight bit of fog hovering on top of it and the sounds of the waterfalls make me feel at ease.


San Marcos River

Clear Springs apartments

Sipping on a cup of coffee. Nothing makes me feel better in the summer than an iced soy latte from my favorite local coffee shop (The Coffee Pot in San Marcos). I love to sit and read with a cup of organic coffee. Yes, organic. Not that I can tell the difference or anything, it is just nice to know that I am drinking something that has never touched pesticides or any sort of unnatural chemical.

I call this ... "Coffee I drank after taking this picture"

Vanilla Latte from Peregrine Espresso, Washington DC

Attending a yoga class. This past Friday, I went to the Community Yoga Center in San Marcos with my friend Beca and I felt fantastic afterwards. I used to be a big fan of Monday night yoga to start my week off with a sense of relaxation, but now I have come to find that yoga is much more effective for me after the week is over. Knowing that I can practice yoga with no stresses for the night to come or the following day makes me feel all the more at ease.

I didn't have a yoga picture to add, so I had my friends Kristina and Beca do a yoga pose for me in the coffee shop in which I am writing this post. Thanks, ladies!

Trying a new food. For a while, I was blogging about trying one new food every day for a year. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to keep up with after a few weeks, and now I just eat new foods for fun. I love trying new restaurants and experiencing the culture of each local restaurant, no matter which city I happen to be in. Last night, I went to Shady Grove in Austin and tried the Noodle Salad with Grilled Chicken and thai peanut sauce. I was so excited about this salad that I intentionally half way starved myself at dinner so that I could save the rest of my salad for my lunch today. Talk about practicing portion control.

Noodle Salad from Shady Grove, Austin, Texas

How do you keep yourself sane? I could always use some extra tips to de-stress and enjoy my vida!

4 responses to “Therapeutic remedies to a stressful world

  1. I heart you. And don’t forget going to new places like Barton Springs and hiking the Green Belt. Also…and drum roll please….the Trinity….. Whole Foods, REI and BOOK PEOPLE! 🙂 That is on our agenda for our next visit to Austin. Townlake, Barton, and the Trinity. Mwah!

  2. I’ll say I agree with the coffee part. I have found the most amazing little coffee shop back home, totally organic, very small owned by one of ‘those lady’. I mean, one of ‘those ladies’, that you watch and think she is coming straight from the forrest wearing only things she herself has knitted. Love it.

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  4. The riverwalk bothers me. Its not a river. Although, you can walk near it so it’s not a complete faux

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