Go Local San Marcos – Supporting Local Businesses

SAN MARCOS – Sergio Palacios, Cans for a Cure President and Founder, asked me if I would like to get on board with Go Local SMTX recently. Go Local Austin has been such a huge success that they have branched out to several cities across the nation and now it is being brought to the great town of San Marcos, Texas. I am excited to be a part of something that is going to be so beneficial to the community.

Go Local SMTX is about keeping local businesses prominent and profitable. The Go Local card is a discount card that people can buy for 10 dollars and can use it at all participating local businesses. It is intended to encourage the community to spend their dollars locally and to keep the San Marcos economy thriving.

The card can be used an unlimited amount of times for a year. At the end of the year, the card expires and the cardholder will need to purchase a new one. Cards will be sold at participating businesses.

The benefits of shopping locally are irrefutable: it keeps our money in the local economy helping independent businesses compete against big national chains. It lessens our impact on the Earth’s environment, and it nurtures that curious and beautiful thing that makes our community so…OURS.

Sergio and I will be launching Go Local SMTX in about a month. Visit the website for Go Local Austin to see the benefits, testimonials, FAQs, and a list of participating businesses.

Your Go Local San Marcos representatives! Sergio Palacios and myself!


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