First day in a new apartment and meeting the neighbors

I began moving my things from my brother’s house into my new apartment today. I am a little skeptical about living alone in an apartment. Mainly because of the whole dying and no one finding me for months situation, but also because I’ve never lived alone and my friends tell me I need supervision.

Currently, my living room furniture consists of a yoga mat. While I was carrying in said yoga mat, I met a lovely gentleman that lives a few doors down from me. Here is how our introduction took place:

Neighbor: “yo girl what’s your name?”

Me: “Jessie, you?”

Neighbor: “Jake*. You toke?”

Me: “No.”

Neighbor: “Aw shit. Well I’m gonna toke at my buddy’s then go to work.”

Me: “Okay, nice to meet you.”

So, now that I have met my new best friend and neighbor, I have to continue moving my things in. However, I have to wait until my brother gets back from his Euro trip because he is holding my belongings hostage in his garage.

Class starts tomorrow! First day of my last semester! YIKES!


7 responses to “First day in a new apartment and meeting the neighbors

  1. Åhh, sounds fun. And scary! I would definitely don’t manage living on my own. I would go crazy and start talking to myself…

    Btw. Cool “tweet”-buttom on the end of the blog post. How did you do that?

  2. Hahahahaha that’s wonderful!

  3. what does ‘toke’ mean?

  4. is this a weird Texan thing? i never heard that before!

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