Texas, you’re just hot.

Welp. I’m back in the Lone Star State. It’s hot.

102 degrees on a Sunday afternoon.

After the gym this morning, I went to the river with my Russian evil twin, Kristina. Sewell Park makes me so happy! I love knowing that Texas State University has it’s own river running through campus.

There are new people running around the San Marcos river with their fresh-out-of-high-school little person bodies. Kristina decided to come up with a game to guess which of the little people would be the first to gain their freshman 15. It entertained us for a good five minutes. Then I remembered I was one of those freshman just three years ago. And  then I sighed and took a nap on my beach towel while listening to Matt and Kim on my IPOD.

For the next few days, I am living on my brother’s couch. I cannot move into my apartment yet, so his couch is my current dwelling. He is in Europe right now, so I have to find a way to get into mischief while he is gone. Shouldn’t be too difficult – I’m a pro.

Class starts on Wednesday. It’s important to take full advantage of my last few days of summer before I begin my final semester. Here are some pictures!

Beca and I eating popsicles in Austin! Yum!

Beca, Kristina, and Dancing Man

Kristina, Chris, and my eye

See ya!


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