How to become a food critic

Today is my last day at Discovery so I am worried that I will suffer from severe writer’s block for the next few weeks. I don’t know that I will have much to say after the events of this summer! But, after many seconds of profound thought, I have decided that I am going to become a self proclaimed food critic.

My thought process on this? Probably not an intelligent one.

I have hopes of claiming that I am a food critic so that restaurants will give me free food. Isn’t that how food critics get their start in the field? Just saying that they are a food critic? Well…I, Jessie Spielvogel, am now a food critic. Bring on the free food.


One response to “How to become a food critic

  1. Great idea! I’m 100% that it will work out…or not 🙂

    PS. But I’m actually 100% sure that you would be perfect for the job, though!

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