Last Weekend in DC – going out with a bang

My last roommate, Brandi, moves out today! I am officially going to be living alone for an entire week in DC! I NEED ADULT SUPERVISION!!! I’m only 21!!!

This is exactly why my dear friend and colleague, Kelsey, is going to come babysit me for the weekend. She texted me this morning to tell me that she has her “weekend bag” packed and that it is quite large. We have an entire weekend of fun planned!

Tonight, we are going to go dancing (since we both have given up on the gym, dancing is our only current form of physical activity). Tomorrow, we are going to go to the DC United game following a “Lady’s Night Out” beforehand. It looks fun…if you are in the DC area and haven’t gotten your tickets yet, here is the website:

Apparently these tickets come with a lot of perks for women. From the website, here is everything that is included with the tickets:

Anyways, I’ve never been to a soccer game before, but I have every intention of losing my voice from screaming and cheering as much as possible. Yup – I’m going to be that girl, and I am going to be proud of it.

Sunday will be my last Eastern Market adventure. I will probably cry and hug all of the owners of the booths, and hopefully I will not get arrested for looking like a psycho.

Texas in six days! I miss everyone back home – can’t wait to see my fellow TX Staters and family!


One response to “Last Weekend in DC – going out with a bang

  1. Oh how I love your blog… oh so freakin much! ha ha ha haaaaaa 🙂

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