The joys of living in DC

My morning started out with a text from Kelsey which accurately explains her experience in DC vs my experience in DC. Kelsey and I always argue over how I think of DC as a nice, classy area, and she always bounces back with something along the lines of, “no, this is the grossest, dirtiest city I have ever seen in my life.”  Let me backtrack:

I am living in overpriced intern housing on Capitol Hill (2nd street to be exact). It is a few blocks from the Capitol and Supreme Court, minutes from nice restaurants and night life, and is surrounded by other interns temporarily dwelling on said hill.

Kelsey is living on 34th street with a family friend and has about an hour and a half commute each day, complete with 1 mile of walking just to get to the nearest convenient metro station. The road in which Kelsey resides near has singlehandedly contributed to the death of her car due to potholes and cracks, and it has supposedly been redone recently.

Here is what I was greeted with this morning:

On my venture to the Metro, I walked passed five DIFFERENT pieces of weave, got honked at 7-8 times in one mile, heard a man rapping about a “blood bath of cops,” saw another man pissing in broad daylight, AND a bus driver walked inside the train station to tell me he saw me on the bridge and proceeded to ask “is this how you get your workout?” ONLY IN D.C


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  2. Just read this to my boss. He too LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!

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