It must be Monday

7:05 am : I roll out of bed, after snoozing for 15 minutes

7:10 am: I scurry into the kitchen to pack Thai leftovers for lunch today. I spill 1 cup of sticky white rice onto my kitchen floor. That stuff spreads like glass shatters.

7:11 am: I scream “shit” and begin to clean.

7:40 am: I leave my apartment, IPOD headphones in place in my ears. I begin to walk my .9 mile journey to Union Station.

7:45 am: People are staring. I think I look good.

8:10 am: I see reflection in metro window. I do not look good. My right pocket is sticking out of my jeans.

8:11 am: I realize I have gotten on wrong metro line. I must get off quickly before I am sucked back into the rush hour traffic of downtown DC. I only am two stops out of my way in the wrong direction. Fixable.

8:45 am: I arrive at work. I fear for the rest of my day. I hate Monday.


4 responses to “It must be Monday

  1. Well I leave town, and your whole day goes out of wack

  2. The good news is tomorrow isn’t Monday.

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