Summer in DC winding down and coming to an end

Last night was our last Shark Week event before the infamous week arrives. Not only are all of the interns who dressed up as Chompie Jr. completely ecstatic to put the costume back in the closet for next year’s unsuspecting intern, but we are also sad that our internship is coming to an end!

This summer has gone by so quickly. I cannot believe that I leave back to Texas in 19 days. My internship is officially over on the 18th, then I fly home on the 19th, and school starts on the 25th. I am excited to see my friends and family back in Texas, but it will definitely be different going back to school after such an awesome summer on the east coast.

The first of my three roommates moved home today – Mackenzie. She had a 10:00 flight this morning and did not leave the apartment until 8:50. I hope she made it! Linn leaves on Tuesday, and Brandi leaves on the 13th. I guess it didn’t really hit me that the summer is almost over until everyone’s internships started to end one by one!


One response to “Summer in DC winding down and coming to an end

  1. You’ll be back soon AWESOME…TAPA NITE !!!!!!

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