I bet no one would have guessed…It’s CHOMPIE

After begging Kelsey to wear the shark suit twice this week, she finally agreed under the condition that I would work out with her every day this week after work. A small price to pay for public humiliation. Jessica Wu and I are both wearing it at two events, and now Kelsey is wearing it at two events. She’s not happy about it, but I get to take pictures of her in a shark suit, and I get to improve on my physical health…Clearly I am not above bribery.

Today at the Silver Spring metro, Jessica wore the suit first, and then me for the second shift. As she was taking off the suit to hand it over to me, all she said was, “I bet no one would guess that there was a five foot two Asian girl under there…”

Here are some pictures:

Chompie making friends

Super hero Chompie


One response to “I bet no one would have guessed…It’s CHOMPIE

  1. Hey Stumbled upon your blog…i’m a Discovery ad sales intern in NYC (with TLC)…looks like you interns have fun down in Silver Springs. I just took a daytrip to DC this past weekend, cool city….I’m from Florida so its exciting being up in the Northeast and with Discovery! Have a good end to your internship 🙂

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