Getting used to DC – with four weeks left

I have gotten more comfortable in my surroundings in DC lately. I feel like after seven weeks, I am finally starting to find my favorite places that I tend to frequent on a regular basis. I still love Eastern Market, and I dedicate every Sunday morning to wandering around all of the booths and buying homemade candied pecans from my favorite vendor. I love Peregrine Espresso to read and study for my LSAT/GRE, and I love Cosi when I just need to get out of the apartment for a little bit. I have become familiar with the ways of the Metro, and I now know how to kick some gangster-butt. Not really, but I know how to avoid dangerous areas in DC. I feel like a true Capitol Hill local now – and I have to leave in four weeks!

I have been going to the gym a lot. Well, let me rephrase that – I’ve been going to the gym. I have also been going to happy hour with my co-interns and roommates, reading crappy fiction novels, and working on my website (which is currently in shambles at the moment, might I add).

I recently found an awesome used book store called Capitol Hill Books near Eastern Market. This bookstore has more books than I have ever seen in my life. It is three stories of old and new books, stacked wall to wall, on all sides. The staircase is lined with books, the bathroom shelves are stacked with boxes of books, the basement, closets…everything is covered in books. It smells amazing too – nothing quite like the smell of old books! Nerdy? When I walked in for the first time, there was an old man sitting in the front and all he said to me, without looking my way, was, “fiction’s on the top, non-fiction’s on the bottom.” Every time I walk in there now, he says the same thing in the same tone of voice with the same cute old-man-ness. I spent at least two hours in there rummaging through all of the books – there is not much reliable organization in there, so finding something specific would be difficult, I would imagine.

My caffeine addiction is becoming more apparent, for I find myself to be completely useless without my morning cup of coffee. Oh my goodness, I’ve turned into my grandmother (not a bad person to turn in to, by the way – she’s 91 years old and still a feisty one). I have also crossed over to the dark side of drinking tea, thanks to my Aunt in New York who I recently paid a visit to.

My roommates and neighbors are starting to leave DC slowly but surely. Michael has already left, and my roommate Mackenzie is leaving one week from today. Then goes Linn, then Brandi, then myself (sniff, sniff). I have to make these last four weeks memorable! I don’t know when I’ll be in DC again!


One response to “Getting used to DC – with four weeks left

  1. Being addicted to coffee is part of the growing up process, I would like to say. So the conclusion is: more coffee to the people, and more cute coffee shops like ours in all neighborhoods!

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