The intern experience at first PR event

Three other interns and I attended a press screening for a new show called Powering the Future last night. We were doing intern duties such as handing out name badges at registration and other tasks of the sort, but that was only for the first hour or so. After that part was over, we had successfully introduced ourselves to two Congressmen (Ed Markey and Tom Platts), the founder of Discovery, and several other Discovery executives. We were allowed to sit in on the screening and then after it was over, it was free food galore. As my friend Jessica, the Discovery marketing intern, describes in her blog:

The catering company is amazing and needs to be hired for my wedding.  So the hors d’ oeuvres they had:  chicken, mini bruschetta, mini crab cakes, tiny cones with salmon, artfully cut cucumbers so that it was shaped like a mini pie crust with corn stuff in it, mini slider burgers, every cheese imaginable, crackers, grapes, hummus and veggies, lamb.  Dessert: marshmallow walnut fudge, baby ice cream cones with sorbet, mini red velvet cupcakes and the best – strawberries with this creamy amazingness inside.  It’s hard to describe how good it was, I wish I could have taken pictures.  We didn’t eat dinner, so myself and the other interns pigged out and that was probably then when everyone figured out that we were interns.  Only interns get really excited about free food and drinks + take complete advantage of that.

When it comes to being an obvious intern, Alli and I were the obvious interns of the night. First, when Congressman Platts showed up, we asked him how to spell his name because I couldn’t find his name badge. I had no idea who he was until one of the communications executives came up to him and shook his hand. Second, Alli asked a random man what he thought of the screening, and he responded by telling her that he was the producer for the show. Epic. Fail. But, it’s all part of the learning experience. One day, we can look back and laugh, but for now, humiliation is still sitting on our shoulders.


2 responses to “The intern experience at first PR event

  1. Hahaha. I can very well imagine how not fun that was, but you do have a really good story to tell people now. And honestly, which intern hasn’t done something like that?! 🙂

  2. i love how we blog about the exact same thing.

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