It’s almost SHARK WEEK!!!

SHARK WEEK is just 24 days away and things are getting hectic at Discovery Channel due to frantic preparations.

If I am not calling people from the media, or looking up bloggers to reach out to about SHARK WEEK, I am out in the community with Jessica, the Discovery marketing intern, talking with local businesses about the upcoming Sharky festivities. Sometimes I am sitting in meetings and learning the ropes of the television world, and sometimes I am in meetings with the executives of Discovery Communications learning about how they got to where they are today. And, if I’m not doing those things, I’m writing this.

For today, I have to pick up my shark costume from the dry cleaners on top of my other interny duties. Yes, I said my shark costume. I am one of the lucky duckies (or shall I say Lucky Sharkies) that get to wear a shark mascot costume for the community of Silver Spring to promote SHARK WEEK. I am a great white shark, to be more specific. Pictures will be posted after, so don’t you fret. I am assuming I will make it my Facebook picture, but I still have not decided that far in advance.

Happy almost SHARK WEEK!


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