“This is perfect milkshake weather!” – Brandi

After work today, I was trying to motivate myself into going to the gym even though I found out that my kickboxing class was not today, but tomorrow. I kept putting it off and finding other things to do, when all of the sudden, my roommate Brandi enthusiastically suggested we go get milkshakes from the world famous Good Stuff Eatery down the street. When she said that, it was all the motivation in the world for me to go work out. I told her that she was genius for suggesting milkshakes and that we should go right after I got back from the gym. So, of course, in all of my excitement and anxiousness to scarf down a calorie filled cup of deliciousness, I slacked in my workout and only ran for 15 minutes before returning to my apartment. I really wanted that milkshake. I am drinking it right now, by the way. They aren’t lying when they say they are delicious – after all, they are famous for a reason.


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