Sundays are my favorite

Today I woke up at nine, ate breakfast, and then started my beautiful sunny day. I went with Sandy and Ryan to Eastern Market (for a total of twenty minutes because Ryan didn’t want us to take all day) and then we got in the car and drove to Annapolis. It was about a 30 minute drive from DC. We were originally in search of a beach, but we ended up with a cute little town and the Naval Academy instead.

Annapolis Main Street

Of course - I'm like a magnet for Farmer's Markets

We ate lunch at a cute little place across from the Marina called Dock Street Bar and Grill. I guess we all looked like hell because the waitress came up to us and asked, “so, are we all hungover?”

After lunch, we went to the Naval Academy and walked around while eating ice cream (I ordered something called Muddy Sneakers because I hate ordering ice cream flavors that I have had before). The Naval Academy was gorgeous and right on the water. We also saw the sailboat that was featured in the movie Wedding Crashers. It is actually a tourist attraction and takes out groups of people on Chesapeake Bay.

The Woodwind - As seen in Wedding Crashers

Naval Academy

Before we headed back to DC after a long hot day in the charming historic town of Annapolis, we had to sit down with the statues for story time. Apparently the ground was very hot because Ryan, as classy as it sounds, stated,  “my a** is on fire.”

Ryan and Sandy during storytime


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