Random thought re: riding the metro alone with an IPOD

If you have ever taken a public train or bus, you have probably seen that one person with his/her IPOD in their ears as they sing and dance by themselves in their own little world. These people generally act without caring that other people are watching and possibly thinking they are crazy and/or homeless. Well, tonight, after I worked out at the gym and then went straight to the grocery store with my IPOD and wallet, I realized that I am in fact that exact description of a person. I caught myself singing and dancing, by myself, in the middle of the metro station in front of at least 15 people to “Tik Tok” by Kesha. I was the crazy homeless person.

Whenever I see people doing that, I always wonder what they are thinking? It never occurred to me that they may just be extremely happy and in the mood to sing and dance. From now I, I promise not to judge the people I see singing in the metro station by themselves. After all, I’m just as weird.



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