Random Thought re: event on the metro this morning

This morning on my commute to work, there was a young homeless man that hopped on the train to beg people for money. He was tall, skinny, wearing a gray wife-beater, and probably in his early 20’s. He was seemingly mentally slow, spoke louder than a normal person, slurred his speech, and spoke with an urgent tone of voice. He went up to each person on the metro car and loudly demanded, “help me please, I have to pay 15 per night, can anyone help me please?!”

The first man he confronted gave him a dollar. Every other person on the train kindly said “no, I don’t have anything,” and apologized. He was so loud in his requests that the people on the other side of the car could hear him begging each person. He continued to go up and down the train asking the same people over and over again for money. The more people said no, the more he began to speak with urgency. He started getting closer to people’s faces and harassing people by poking them to get more attention. One guy began to get flustered with his harassments and said “get out of my face, I don’t have anything to give you.” This statement made the homeless man angry and he loudly proclaimed, “I’m not in your face!” clearly encouraging more dramatic events to come.

Then, out of no where, the man behind the harassed gentleman stood up, shouted in the most thunderous voice I have ever heard for such a confined space, “YOU’RE IN EVERYBODY’S %$$&^*( FACE!!! SHUT THE $*(# UP! NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU ANY $*(%&^# MONEY!!!” When he shouted this, everyone on the train became overly awkward and it was clear that everyone wanted to get out of this uncomfortable situation. His face was bright red and it was so shocking coming from someone dressed in business professional attire. As we were all walking off the train, the homeless man said, in regards to the man who gave him a dollar and the man who yelled at him, “I see we have one good guy, and one bad guy.” Dramatic much?


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