DC Pride and other weekend festivities

Last night was the Pride Parade 2010 in DC and WOW…it was awesome. There was so much energy and excitement throughout the entire parade with thousands of people in attendance. I went with my roommate Linn and our neighbor Michael (aka Michaelangelo). I was so excited to see that there was a lot of involvement with major corporations such as Frito Lays, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, and several political candidates. Also, a lot of people were marching with their small children which shows that more parents are raising their children to believe in equal rights…which, of course, I found to be fantastic. Our other neighbor, Alex (Michaelangelo’s roommate) was marching in the parade as a representative for Log Cabin Republicans.

Our neighbor, Alex, in the Capital Pride Parade 2010

CLICK HERE to watch a Youtube video of the marching band at the parade – awesome!!

This morning was another day in paradise at the Eastern Market in DC. I found a lot of unique gift ideas for Christmas time, so my family better be nice to me! Just kidding. But seriously. After the market, Linn and I went to the grocery store (12 blocks away). On the way back, as soon as we stepped out of the store, it began to rain and there was no where for us to take cover. Luckily, it did not last long and we made it home without melting. (Sugar melts).

Now I am doing the boring Sunday routine – laundry, some studying for the GRE (which I still have not decided if I should even take it or not), and cleaning/getting organized a bit. Happy Pride, DC!


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