Saturday morning in DC

This morning I woke up around 9:30 am…yawned, stretched, smiled, crawled out of bed, and got dressed for the morning. I grabbed my laptop so that I could go work on my website at the local coffee shop, Cosi. While I was walking towards the coffee shop, I saw a hair salon and decided to pop in and cut my hair. So I chopped off all of my hair in a spontaneous decision walking towards Cosi. Alright, I am being dramatic; I only chopped off three inches.

After my haircut, I met my roommate at Cosi. We both worked on our websites together while drinking coffee and yelling at our Macs every five to six minutes out of severe frustration with Dreamweaver. To outsiders, we probably sounded like we had Tourettes Syndrome. For us, however, we didn’t even think twice about our random outbursts.

After Cosi, we went and laid out in Folger park with our ipods and my new friend, Fiona. We met Fiona in the park and she was the happiest thing I have ever met in my entire life. She was slightly immature though, she kept wanting to play and wouldn’t leave me alone to tend to my country music and Chelsea Handler book. I didn’t mind though, I like to play.

My new friend, Fiona

I decided I was hungry for a salad and I had heard about this new restaurant called Sweet Green that just opened, so we walked over there after saying goodbye to Fiona and I fell in love. That restaurant is the most amazing creation in the restaurant business ever. Much like a Subway assembly line, you pick your type of lettuce, then you pick three veggies out of a wide and colorful variety, one crunchy substance, cheese, protein, and dressing. I was in heaven. I did not recognize any of the types of dressing on the list, so I just asked the dressing lady which one she would recommend. She suggested the Pineapple Curry Non-Fat. At first, I was offended that she recommended the only non-fat dressing on the list, but then I figured I didn’t have a reason not to try it, so I did. Even though pineapple curry sounds gross, I gave it a shot. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I have never had a better salad in my entire life. They give you a huge amount of salad, too – none of this 4 pieces of lettuce and 1 tablespoon of non-fat dressing stuff. They hook you up.

Now that I am blissfully happy and filled with organic salad ingredients, I feel content.

Oh! I also registered at the Washington Sports Club this morning so that I can exercise after dark without the fear of getting mugged in the city.

Tonight is the Pride Parade in Dupont. My roommates and neighbors are going to go join in on all of the festivities! More to come tomorrow!

I like benches.

My favorite sandals ever.

My roommate, Linn, laying in the sun at Folger park!

A beautiful day in the park


3 responses to “Saturday morning in DC

  1. sounds you had a perfect morning 🙂 … until you started dreamweaver

    you should consider writing stories – longer or shorter – it is real pleasure to read your sentences.

    best wishes from the UK

  2. I’m so happy for you..actually I’m happy with you 🙂 Did you take a pic of the salad? You should next time! 🙂

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