Random thought re: business attire

This morning as I was riding the rush hour packed Metro, I saw a wide variety of business attire choices being worn by the various professionals/interns of the city. While some people looked wonderful and clean, others looked like they just rolled out of bed, threw on a wrinkly old button-down complete with black shoes, a mismatched brown belt, and a tie that only made the ensemble worse.  I witnessed two men actually GETTING DRESSED while riding the metro. Not even kidding. They came onto the Metro wearing pants, shoes, and grungy off-white undershirts (tucked in), but they decided to use the reflection in the windows as a mirror to put on their belts, shirt, and ties. Their shirts looked like they were bundled up at the bottom of their dirty clothes bin underneath wet towels and smelly socks. I was under the impression that people working on Capitol Hill had to look presentable and professional in order to survive. Where did those guys work? Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care what other people wear…I say live and let live. However, I had already finished reading my Washington Post Express newspaper, and I had nothing else to think about for the remainder of my time. So, I analyzed disheveled-looking businessmen’s attire. I’m going to go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they had great personalities and were very charming young men – so that should counter the lack of presentable physical appearance.


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