Random thought re: hand sanitizer

As I was riding the metro this morning, I couldn’t help but ponder the idea that one little germ could spread throughout all of Capitol Hill, Maryland, and Virginia by just traveling in one metro car. This disturbing thought led me to thinking “wow, good thing I bought hand sanitizer last week.” And this thought led me to wonder how many hand sanitizers I have ever bought. I cannot think of one time that I have thrown out an empty, or partially used, bottle of hand sanitizer. Yet, I have bought several of them upon passing gas stations, grocery stores, and impulse buys at other checkout counters. So, I have to ask myself: Where has all of my hand sanitizer disappeared to? Why do I keep buying so much hand sanitizer? Is my lost hand sanitizer still sitting in the original place that I lost it in? If so, how could I miss so many spots for missing hand sanitizers? Or is it in hands of another owner that stumbled upon my misplaced germ-killer? Did that person think, “Score…free hand sanitizer!” or did they think that it was one of their own misplaced hand sanitizers that they had previously misplaced?

I think I could write a ten page paper about this. Just a thought.

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