Discovery – first few days of work

Discovery rocks. Everything about the company I am interning for inspires me. Even the office building is unlike any other building in this country. The lobby is like a museum. I hate to sound like I am gloating, but Discovery interns have it made. We work hard, and there is a lot expected of us, but it doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like a project. Not like a nagging project that you put off for weeks because you’re dreading it, but like an assignment you give yourself because you are motivated and excited to accomplish it.

My main project is assisting with Shark Week. My boss, Amy, introduces me by saying, “This is Jessie Spielvogel and she is going to be working on Shark Week,” and then I feel so fancy. I have a huge L-shaped desk enclosed in the middle of the room by three walls complete with a TV, a computer, filing cabinets, a closet, a dry erase board, and a trashcan! It is my little mini office. For an intern status, that situation is top-notch. I never thought I would be so excited about a cubicle before.

I took a tour of the building today and stumbled upon the Discovery Creative department. SO. COOL. Everyone was working on cool projects and designing things on their computers using Adobe Creative Suite software and my eyes lit up. Call me nerdy, whatever, but I got excited. The posters and publication designs that were hanging on the walls and all around the offices were amazing. I want to learn to do that stuff. Luckily, as an intern, I get the opportunity to job shadow in the different departments and that is definitely one that I would be interested in learning more about.

Once a week, I am required to attend some sort of meeting with all of the other interns. There are 85 of us working in different departments and on individual assignments. When I was introduced to several producers and corporate people, I was worried that that they would be very intimidating and scary people; however, everyone has been so welcoming and kind. It seems to be a very healthy and happy work environment!


One response to “Discovery – first few days of work

  1. Best of luck with the internship…keep the shark world posted on what the channel will do with shark week this year – hope there is an improvement

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