Some pictures of my first week!

I spent two and a half hours at the Eastern Market this morning. It was phenomenal. They had vendor after vendor and sample after sample. There were handmade items imported from Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, and many other countries along with people that made their items right at their booths in front of the customers. Live music, free food, talented artists, and great coffee all contributed to the most perfect Sunday morning I have ever experienced in my 21 years of existence. I have every intention of going to the farmer’s market every Sunday morning.

After my blissful Farmer’s Market morning, I went to a place called Cosi to get some studying done for the GRE. Note: I am not even close to being prepared. The math is going to kill me, and the reading comprehension portion does nothing for my A.D.D. infected brain. It will take an innumerable amount of hours of dedicated practice and focus to make a score that will get me accepted into the University of Miami for the Fall. But, if there is a will, there is a way, right?

Anyways, I start my internship tomorrow. My parents left yesterday. Here are a few pictures from my first week in DC…

My parents and Aunt walking around the City on a hot summer day!

Mackenzie and Linn being productive at Cosi

Mackenzie catching up on her current events at Cosi

My happily married parents after 27 years. GROSS. 🙂

This is my living room!

Standing by one set of bunk beds in my one bedroom apartment from the 1890s that I am sharing with 3 girls (not including myself). I love it!

Photo By Linn Grubbstrom. Mackenzie and I before going out to explore 8th Street SE

Photo By Linn Grubbstrom. Three out of the four roommates out for a night on the town!


One response to “Some pictures of my first week!

  1. I bet those appartments in spain seem HUGE lol

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