Tourism rocks – Day 2

This is where Forrest Gump stood

Today was HOT. I woke up at 7:15, began my jog by 7:30, ran 3.4 miles around the Capitol (okay, Ryan and Sandy basically carried me the whole way because I’m a terrible runner) , and then met up with my family to do the tourism stuff. We started with a tour of the Capitol and then walked through a tunnel to get to the Library of Congress.

The first thing we came to in the library was the Gutenberg Bible. It was even more beautiful in person than it is in pictures. Throughout all of my journalism classes, the printing of this Bible is always brought up at one point or another. When I saw it in person, I shed a tear. I told my boyfriend via text, “I literally started crying when I was looking at the Gutenberg Bible.” He responded with, “Why? Because it started the printed book revolution and you’re a nerd?” Yes. Exactly.

After the Library of Congress, we ventured off to see the Lincoln Memorial and along the way we stumbled upon the FDR Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. How convenient considering the fact that it is Memorial Day.

After sweating for a good 9 hours straight, I think I lost all of my water in my body. So my parents dropped me off at my apartment and they drove back to their hotel to shower up and get ready for dinner. I don’t know where we are going to dinner yet, but it will be fun watching my dad run even more red lights while playing with the GPS that we most definitely do not need. Parents. What can ya do?


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