First day on Capitol Hill

Well, I made it to DC and I am alive. My parents and my Aunt Mary came with me to help me get settled in and to have a vacation since none of us have ever seen the capitol. Between my dad running every red light because he’s a terrible driver and my mom trying to keep everyone calm from his erratic driving, it would be an understatement to express it as “interesting” so far. However, it will be a great week with my family and I am so happy that they came to say goodbye to me and to explore the city. The first thing I said when I got off the plane was, “We are here! I can’t wait to explore all of the restaurants!” And my Mom responded with, “Jessie. You are in the nation’s capitol. And all you are thinking about is the restaurants.” Come on Mom, don’t act like you don’t know your own daughter.

Today we arrived around 4:00, I got my keys to my apartment, got lost a few times, found my apartment, and moved all of my stuff in. Two of my roommates moved in shortly after I arrived and they both seem very sweet. Lynn is from Sweden and she is going to be interning with some type of radio show. She arrived with nothing but a backpack all by herself to a new country. I had four large suitcases and a crew of helpers. Props to Lynn. Mackenzie is going to be working in a policy office on Capitol Hill and she is from Tampa. Go Gators.

Driving down the street and then we see this! My dad and I both simultaneously gasped in amazement.

I am exhausted from today. This city is gorgeous. My little one bedroom apartment is from the 1800s and is in the historic district of the city. The floors creek, the walls are cracked, the drawers don’t shut all the way, the halls are dark, and the air conditioning puts off a funny smell…but it’s my first apartment in a big city and it’s mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love it.

Tomorrow morning I am waking up at 7:00 to go for an “exploratory jog” around the city with some friends of my brother’s that moved here recently. Conveniently enough, they live just two blocks away from me! Ryan and Sandy are going to be training me for my first marathon while we are living here. And Ryan runs Iron Mans. I’m afraid. Very afraid.

After my morning workout, I am going to meet back up with my rentals and see where the day takes me!


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