Oral Presentation in Spanish. FML.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Colombian author

Today in my honors Spanish class (Magical Realism in the Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez), we were supposed to do oral reflections on the class since the semester is basically over. We went down the professor’s roster and told the class what we thought of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The specific question was “what do you think you will take from this class, or what will you remember ten years from now?”

Everyone in the class was giving these highly intellectual responses and saying how Marquez affected them in different ways. Well, to me, he is a great writer. He is creative, unique, and an awesome storyteller – but so are a lot of other writers. So, when it came to me, towards the end of the list, I gave a response about a specific work that I liked called News of a Kidnapping (Noticia de un Secuestro) because I was not inspired by this man like the rest of the class seemed to be. Most responses touched on aspects such as writing style, the culture of Colombia, his interweaving of texts, etc. Not to say that it is a bad thing to be inspired by Garcia Marquez; after all, he is very influential and even made it on Oprah’s book club – very talented man. But writers inspire people in different ways, and I was not as excited about him as everyone else.

Needless to say, when I gave my short response to her question in which she was clearly expecting some epic and flowery response to, it is safe to say she was disappointed.

News of a Kidnapping novel by Garcia Marquez

This is how I know: after each person went, she smiled and nodded her head in approval. She would say things like “very good, thank you,” or “okay, so you had a more personal connection with his writings, good.” Then ten or twelve people later, here come’s poor Jessie who talks about how I liked this one specific novel because I found it “interesting” and it was a “good story.” The professor stared at me in complete and utter disgust, and then five seconds of awkward silence later, “so, that’s it, huh?”

Since I was clearly embarrassed by this response, I didn’t really know what to say, so I looked at her and said, “oh, sorry.” And then went on to put my head down with shame.

I used to like this professor – she was actually one of my favorites, which is why this is the second class I have taken with her. But, now I think she’s kind of a…well, nevermind. I shall refrain.


3 responses to “Oral Presentation in Spanish. FML.

  1. ROTFL OMFG i cant stop lol ing out loud…this totally made my day. I can so picture you hiding your head in shame… well to be fair she did ask what do you think… I am proud that you were honest and you didnt banwangon it. AWESOMENESS

  2. su profesor es un idiota

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