Only a few more weeks of school

Stressed out - if I were a cartoon, this is what I would look like right now

I have been feeling very overwhelmed these past few weeks. I get psycho towards the end of semesters with the stresses of finals, moving out of apartments, finalizing projects, etc. Whenever I get stressed, there are several things I do to calm myself down.

I write about it

I take a shot of wheatgrass

I make a list of things to do starting with the most important

I watch this amazing video on youtube over and over and over and over again

Good luck on your finals everyone! And remember, IHOP is open 24 hours and has unlimited coffee refills. Thank you college for the upcoming all-nighters.

Who am I kidding? I’m taking 9 hours: Web design, Visual Storytelling, and Magic Realism in the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. None of these classes have a final. Just a final project, which will not make me pull all-nighters. However, I do have to complete a short documentary about San Marcos’ Steve and Steve, a full functioning website for Magic Realism about Garcia Marquez, and a website about college students’ diet and exercise habits for my final projects. Tedious stuff, but I like it.

Click here to read last semesters finals-time blog.


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