I never check my mail, but today was a good day to do it.

My Easter package!

The only time I ever consistently check my snail-mail is when I know a holiday is coming up. Around Christmas time, I check my mail every single morning and night for about two weeks in hopes of getting something from my Aunt in Michigan who loves to send all my cousins and I packages for each important holiday. By important holiday, I mean St. Patty’s Day, Halloween, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, New Years, and probably some others in between. Needless to say, she is awesome.This time, she sent me a huge Easter package consisting of candy, chocolate bunnies, two stuffed Easter bunnies (and by stuffed, I don’t mean taxidermy stuffed…I mean the cute little cuddly ones that you cuddle with at night), homemade brownies, cookies, some window decorations and a check. Oh, and Easter grass. I love that stuff – it’s so festive.

Shark Diver Magazine - Issue 22

Along with my amazing Easter care package from Iron Mountain, Michigan, I received five copies of the new issue of Shark Diver Magazine from my editor and the publisher of the magazine, Eli Martinez. My dad wasn’t happy because he hasn’t gotten his copies yet and he is a photographer for the magazine. I had to call and rub it in, of course. Everyone worked really hard to get it finished in time to get to press and it definitely turned out awesome! There are some great articles in there (which are all completely grammatically  correct because, well, let’s be real about this…I edited them), awesome pictures, and a really eye-catching layout. My publication and design professor would be so proud to read it. There is a great article in there about shark-finning and protecting sharks with some pretty graphic, yet effective, pictures to go along with it. Check out the SDM website at www.sharkdivermag.com

Thats it for now! I’ll check my mail again in July in hopes of some firecrackers and matches.


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