Vegetarianism Sucks

I am on day six of my meatless existence and it is not as hard as I would have thought it would be. I am not going to lie though, when I see someone eating chicken, I drool a little bit. The temptation is not the hard part, though. The hard part is telling everyone that I can’t eat meat. I feel so picky when I say that I cannot eat something – especially because I love food more than anything on this planet.

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I feel so weird saying that I am a vegetarian. I asked someone at Cafe Express in Dallas, Texas this weekend which soup he would recommend for me to get and he suggested the chicken tortilla soup and I wanted to cry because that sounded amazing at the time. I regrettably forced out the words “I can’t have that, I’m a vegetarian.” It is difficult to get used to that word. I used to hate vegetables and anything healthy for me whatsoever. Now, ever since I began my new food of the day and my vegetarian lifestyle, I have tried things I would have never tried in a million years just a year or two ago.

For example, pizza. I adore classic, delicious, regular crust, pepperoni pizza. You can’t go wrong with pepperoni pizza. It’s nearly impossible to mess up, and it always tastes amazing. However, my friends Ashley and Trey took me to Mellow Mushroom in Ft. Worth, Texas this weekend and it smelled so awesome in there. I couldn’t wait to have a pepperoni pizza. My actual words when I first walked in were, “oh my gosh, it smells like heaven in here.” Then, I realized I couldn’t have pepperonis and I cried a little bit. When the waiter came to take our order, I hesitatingly mumbled that I would like the “mega-veggie” pizza. I drank my beer while I waited in dread. When the pizza came out, it was the most colorful pizza I had ever seen and I was afraid of it. But, I sucked it up and took a bite and it was amazing. So, vegetarianism is making me broaden my horizons even when it comes to simple things like pizza. So I can’t be too upset.

I also tried salmon, hallibut, and artichoke hearts since I’ve been a veggie. But, seriously. I want some chicken.


One response to “Vegetarianism Sucks

  1. You have been tough keep it up!

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