Successful Failure of Spring Break Plans

My plans never seem to go the way I originally intend for them to go. I am not complaining, my lack of responsibility and well thought out planning usually end in some sort of adventure, but it would be a nice change for them to go as planned for just one time. In this case however, I am stranded at the top of a mountain in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a beautiful ski resort.

Back in January, I booked an airline reservation for Friday March 6 – Sunday March 14 roundtrip Austin to San Diego to spend the week with my cousin Melissa and her boyfriend Matt. Well, once I got to San Diego, my brother (who lives in Lemoore, CA while enlisted in the US NAVY), informed me that he was going to fly my cousin Jimmy out with Cali to help him move out of the base and road trip back to Texas since he is officially released from the NAVY as of Friday. So, naturally, when I was invited to go along for the epic road trip from California to Texas with my brother and cousin, I was more than eager to accept. While a little skeptical about driving through snow-packed mountains and freezing deserts since I only packed for California weather, I went along anyways with intentions of crossing those bridges when I came to them.

So then my plan was March 6 – March 12 in San Diego, and then beginning my road trip March 12 and returning home to Austin on Monday March 15. This change expanded my spring break by one day. Since my Monday class is cancelled due to SXSW, I was stoked. We drove a few hours before arriving in Flagstaff, Arizona and we visited the Lowell Observatory to view Mars – not what I expected…definitely looked like a white dot painted on the end of a telescope. I would never know. They literally could have charged me $15 to look at anything in the sky that looked like a white dot and I would have believed it was Mars. Isn’t it supposed to be red? Anyways, we stayed at a cheap motel for the night and continued on to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the morning.

Meteor Crater crashsite 35 miles east of Flagstaff and 20 miles west of Winslow off of Interstate 40

On the road, we saw a sign for a crater crash site and I begged my brother to let us go see it since it was only a 5 mile detour. Totally worth the $13 per person. I was fascinated by a giant hole in the ground which again, could have been dug out by a human and I would still believe it was a crater crash site. I think I am paranoid about deception. When we arrived at Bishop’s Lodge in Santa Fe, our Jeep broke down in the parking lot. Uh oh. We need this Jeep to carry a 2000 pound trailer all the way to Texas by Tuesday morning so I can make it to class.

We called every Jeep dealership in the entire area and no one has mechanics on duty on Sundays. So, we cannot even get the car looked at until Monday morning…we were supposed to head to Texas at 5 am on Monday morning.  So now, I will not make it back to school for my Tuesday class. This change expands my spring break by 2 days.

After looking at the warranty coverage for the Jeep, it seems like we can get this entire resort, food, and expenses covered for up to $1000 if all goes to plan. Luckily for me, my Wednesday class is also cancelled due to SXSW. So, if this works out, my spring break is expanded yet another day.

As of now, it is looking like I will be back in San Marcos, Texas on the morning of Thursday, March 18, 2010. But considering the way my life works out, I honestly have no idea when I will be back. Two weeks for spring break. Love it.

Right now, my brother and cousin went with the tow truck driver and left me behind at the hotel to watch the snow and to write about our adventures because three passengers would not fit and clearly I am of no car expertise and would be useless. They should be back shortly so that we can go explore the town and try some real New Mexican green chili!

One response to “Successful Failure of Spring Break Plans

  1. Love it!!! Hey..that’s what life is all about, one big adventure. I’d say that you have quite the head start on that! Enjoy it girl, I can’t wait to see all the pics and here the stories. I really wish I can go on a road trip soon as well!

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