I Survived 21 Years!

Well, I survived my 21st birthday. Both nights. It started at midnight on Tuesday when Hailey (my deathly ill roommate) and my neighbors, Chris and JR (it was Chris’s birthday as well), all went to the square. We met up with Jared, Lowell, and Mateo (my fellow snow day river jumpers). We started at Green Parrot and worked our way around until we reached Nephew’s on the other side. We skipped over Dillinger’s, because, well, let’s be real about this…that place smells.

Non-incriminating photo number one - Linda, my spanish buddy, and I at J's Tuesday night


I told myself that I was not going to do the whole 21 shot thing, but I may have done it – I couldn’t tell you. We had a great time though, minus Hailey who couldn’t drink because I dragged her off of her deathbed to celebrate with me. She had been sick all day and then spent the entire next day in bed coughing. Chris and I got some pretty awesome pictures of our birthday shot-taking extravaganza. I must say, I had never been so miserable in my entire life when I woke up the next day.

I woke up at 11 am, slept right through my class, came to campus to write an essay that I should have done the night before, (my computer crashed so I was forced to come to school to use a computer – happy birthday to me, right?), I chugged some coffee, wished I could throw up, couldn’t throw up, and spent the remainder of my day lying in bed watching 300, Family Guy, What I Like About You, and, don’t judge me, Full House. After I felt better and got myself out of bed around 5 pm, my friend Jared took me to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and he bought me a bottle of wine. He is so cute! I also ordered my first legal drink in a restaurant and it was a delicious margarita!

After dinner, my friends Kristina and Becca took me back to the square for round two. Oh no. We started at Rocky’s and hopped from place to place, eventually landing at J’s Bistro. I didn’t want anymore birthday shots because of how miserable I had been all day, but again…my arm was twisted. And come on, I’m all about free stuff. At about 1:50, some random guy attacked the singer on stage and it turned into a pretty epic bar fight since the microphones were on and they were falling all over the place. It made it sound much more intense than it really was – I thoroughly enjoyed being a spectator. Who tackles the dude singing on stage? Weird. Needless to say, it was my first witness of a bar fight when I am legally allowed inside a bar. How historic.

Non-incriminating photo number two - my wine from Jared and flowers from Hope!


Kristina dropped me back off at my apartment and I came in to find flowers and a card with a shirtless cowboy on it from Hope, my other roommate – she knows me so well.  Hope turns 21 on March 28 – the last of the Bishop’s Square 705 girls to turn 21! Uh oh!


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