Dreadlocks…Why not?

On occassion, I get a bit antsy and decide to do something random to my appearance. I have pierced my bellybutton, as well as my nose, to conquer boredom. Tonight, my roommate, Hailey, announced that she could make dreadlocks in someone’s hair.

Dreads in the process of being completed

When I went to Spain, I saw a lot of people with dreads and I have wanted them ever since. My friends, Tina and Emily, told me not to, and they specifically said they would not approve. Well, tonight, with nothing better to do, I decided to let Hailey do it to my hair.

They aren’t real dreads yet, they are just chunks of twisted hair that are gelled, straightened, and hair sprayed into place. But, eventually they should turn into actual dreadlocks if I decide to go through with it.

They took a while to finish, and they were actually really annoying at first. My hair is so thin that they didn’t want to stay in place without half a can of hairspray and several globs of hair gel. They are still not completely staying in place, so I will have to figure out how to solve this problem tomorrow when I wake up.

Hair before going to Cheatham

After they were finished, we got dressed to go to Cheatham Street to see Bobby Duncan play. I was rocking cowgirl boots, a purple country looking shirt, dark jeans, and dreads. I don’t know if I was grungy, rock, punk, or country. I was definitely a walking contradiction.

Eliza Dushku from Bring It On

After Cheatham, we went to a party at Villagio where I got lots of different reactions to my hair. One girl told me that I looked like Eliza Dushku from Bring It On.That same girl also told not to go through with making the dreads permanent. Another reaction I got was in a message from someone that saw the picture I posted on Facebook. He told me it looked like I needed a bath. My friend Tina that I went to Spain with called me from Dallas with her mom and told me that if they were not out within seven days that she would come shave my head in my sleep.

While a lot of people did not approve, I also have gotten some positive feedback. Someone at the party told me that I had the coolest hair there, and the drummer for Bobby Duncan told me it looked awesome as well.

My dad and brother are coming to visit me tomorrow from Houston, so I am excited to hear what they have to say about my new hairstyle.


3 responses to “Dreadlocks…Why not?

  1. I have been searching online forever on how to obtain the “Missy” look (Bring It On) and I can find nothing.
    I love the pic you have posted of you before going out. That is how I am wanting to do my hair for a short while.
    Could you please tell me how you did it?

    • Of course! I had my roommate separate my hair into three or four sections and then she used hair gel and hair spray to simply twist my hair tightly into one inch sections. after it was all twisted up, she took a hair straightener and flattened it all out one twisty at a time. It took forevverr, but they stayed in for a while! Have fun!

    • Yeahh i’ve searched and haven’t found anything…

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