Monday Swing Dance Night in ATX

Tonight, I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone. I went to Monday Swing Dance Night at Ruta Maya coffee shop in south Austin with my friend, Scotty. It was nearly free, all we had to do was buy a drink and we got a free one-hour lesson. So, we figured, why not?

My incredibly good looking swing dance partner, Scott Morrison

My incredibly good looking swing dance partner, Scott Morrison

I drove, and I am directionally challenged, so we started out the evening by getting lost on South Congress Ave. After turning around twice and getting frustrated with my trusty GPS, I spotted the coffee shop neatly tucked behind a gentlemen’s club called Expose.

We walked in and the crowd was definitely a little different than our usual hangout. There were not many people there, so we were feeling like this was going to be the most awkward thing on the planet. The best part about it was when a random guy came up to us with our drinks in hand and introduces himself as Billy. We say our hellos and then he asks in a very serious tone, “first time swingin’?” Well, my maturity level is not up to par with my age, and Scotty’s is probably a little bit lower than mine, so naturally we giggle. “Yup, sure is!” I told him.

The music came on and then a lot more people showed up. We learned the basic moves…rock step, step….step….. and we danced with every person in the class because we kept rotating partners. I liked switching people because we got used to the different ways that people danced. Some people were not good. Some people smelled. Some people were awkward. Some people were cocky. Some people were awesome (Scotty and I). Just kidding – but seriously. Some people were funny. There was an awesome variety of people in this free swing dance class. We had a really good time.

Ruta Maya Coffee House

After the class was over, a live swing band was scheduled to play from 9 pm – 11 pm. A lady came up to us and asked if we were planning on staying for the band and I shouted with glee “heck yeah we are!” Afterall, I wanted to practice my newfound skills. She then proceeded to tell us that it was a $5.00 cover. My smile faded and I said, “Oh. Nevermind. We will just Pandora swing music and rock, step, step back in San Marcos.” So, we left the coffee place and listened to swing music the entire ride home.

I am going to make swing dance night a weekly tradition for sure. Free music, swing dancing, and meeting new people! Love it.


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