My View on Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day. It’s so romantic! One day out of 365 that you show/tell your significant other that you love them. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t outdo yourselves. One day could be pushing it. Let’s make it half a day…Or how about Valentine’s Hour?

I think this is wrong

There is something seriously wrong with expressing your love one time out of so many days. I would like to share with you my father’s perspective which I find not only insightful, but also entertaining:

“That day sucks…it is such a commercial ploy to sell candy, diamonds and anything in between by the retailers…and talk about pressure… if you forget, it is doghouse city for gosh knows how long”.

Poor Guy

Clearly he has learned the hard way from experience, but I think he makes a valid point.

Gentlemen, if you are going to go all out and do something special for your sweetheart, make sure it isn’t just once a year. Or once a month, even. Ladies, it should be reciprocated if you feel that way about someone, as well. It shouldn’t be a one way street. All the pressure to be romantic should not be on the male party – this is 2010. Equal rights? Equal everything!

Happy Almost Valentine’s Hour.


One response to “My View on Valentine’s Day

  1. you took the words right out of my mouth. Further adding to your brilliance, I would like to say: Ladies and gentlemen, if you are using Valentine’s Day to spice up/fix/brighten/ whatever your relationship here is the truth: if you really love the person you don’t need a designed day to express that love. Also, if your relationship is spiraling to hell, don’t use Valentine’s day as your last attempt to fix the problem. It will end in a very expensive disappointment or another miserable remaining 364 days.

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