Jessie’s Top Three San Marcos Restaurants

I love San Marcos. I love the river, I love the people, I love the location, and I love the food. Here are my three favorite local restaurants (in order) and things you should definitely try if you get the chance.

Thai Thai – This restaurant is so amazing. Their lunch portions are huge and usually around $6.00. I alternate between ordering the Veggies Lover and adding chicken into it, Snow Pea Chicken, Broccoli Chicken, Pad Thai, and Sesame Chicken. They are all served with white rice (except Pad Thai) and they are all amazing. Not only are all of these dishes delicious, but they aren’t all that bad for you either! Except maybe the sesame chicken because it’s fried.

The Root Cellar – This place actually is a cellar. It is a quaint restaurant near the square and the service is great and the food is even better. They have sushi happy hour which I have never actually experienced, and as I write this I wonder why I haven’t. I recommend going for lunch…the most amazing sandwich I have ever tasted comes from the Root Cellar. It is called the Roasted Tomato and Turkey Club. You get to order two sides, and I usually pick from wild rice, the soup of the day, or mashed potatoes. Either way, no matter what you order, you’ll like it.

Valentino’s Pizza – This local pizza shop is on the square and has a really cheap lunch buffet…it is from 11-2, Monday through Friday, and it is all you can eat pizza for  only $4.39. Yeah, you read that right.

There are so many other San Marcos local places I love, including The Coffee Pot and Dos Gatos Kolaches…you should just try it all! Bon Appetite!


5 responses to “Jessie’s Top Three San Marcos Restaurants

  1. I had the chicken ceaser wrap at Root Cellar on Friday. SO GOOD. Fresh tasting dressing and smokey slab bacon. I will definitely be ordering it again.

  2. i’ve never been to any of these restaurants . maybe i’ll check them out. still wondering why taproom isn’t on this list…..

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