The fine art of procrastination…and how I will eventually stop doing it.

2010 will be my 15th year of formal education – 12 years of grade school, 3 years of college. Not including elementary school because I don’t remember that far back, I have been a procrastinator for majority of my educational career. Some examples include the following:

Google image - This is the story of my life

1. Christmas shopping. I fly to Chicago every year to visit my family for Christmas. It is near impossible to transport all the presents for the relatives on an airplane because it would take up too many suit cases and I don’t want to pay for all that. So, generally I just do all my shopping when I get there. Here’s the kicker: I don’t get to Chicago until December 23. At night. That makes me a Christmas Eve shopper. I wait to the last minute to buy presents for 8 cousins, 2 parents, and several aunts and uncles (depending on the year’s budget).

2. Pulling all-nighters in the library to study for finals. Most college kids do this and we know it will be painful, but we do it anyways. I think procrastination feels good in some way. Once we are actually finished with the studying and we take the test it almost feels like a weight lifted off our shoulders. It is quite empowering – it tells us that “Wow, I just crammed a whole semester of material into less than a 24 hour period – I am the smartest person alive.” However, I always imagine what if I gave myself more than 24 hours. What if I studied for an hour/day throughout the semester – imagine how smart I would be then. And then I think, “Meh, too late now. I’ll do that next semester.”

Alkek Library at Texas State University - many nights of torture occur here

3. Paying rent on the third day of the extended grace period each and every month. Rent at my apartment is always due on the first of the month. However, the complex is kind enough to grant it’s residents until the third to get their rent in without charging late fees. I have lived at Bishop’s Square for 6 months now. I have paid rent on the third of the month 6 times. It isn’t that I do it intentionally – I just do not think about it until the last minute. But, the up side is that I always get it in before being charged a late fee, so, again…I feel empowered like a superhero.

4. Getting an internship. All of my professors have pounded into my brain that I need to get an internship or I will never get a job. Well, guess what! I got an internship this summer. My last possible summer. I graduate in December. See the trend? It’s a curse.

5. Eating a breakfast taco. I know, this one is a little random. But, as I type this, I ameating my first breakfast taco. And WOW, it is delicious. This is one of those things that make me a little mad at myself for my procrastination habit. By this point in my life, I feel like I should have eaten a breakfast taco before. Lesson learned. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to breakfast tacos.

A breakfast taco - not the one I ate, but it still looks delicious

The last and final example I can give about the art to my procrastination is the fact that it has taken me until my last year of college to realize that I am a procrastinator. Really? I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am a senior in college, and I am just now having this epiphany that maaaybe I should stop procrastinating. Part of me feels like it is too late to change my habits. That part of me is probably right – I guess I’ll start changing my ways when I get a career.


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